Consistent offshore winds, warm seawater, and mostly uncrowded waves. Rote is unlike most places in Indonesia which face crowds and pollution nowadays. The conditions of the island are favourable to all levels of surfing and most surfing spots can be accessed by road.
Offshore winds blow constantly from April-November offering some of the best waves you will ever surf in your life. Alternatively, Manduna can take guests out by boat to ride some of the secrets and best spots depending on swell, tide and wind. The sea temperature averages around 27-30°C so a rash vest, surf hat, and sunscreen are highly recommended.


Located in Nemberala, T-Land is the main spot for surfers and tourists in Rote. Expect a consistent left with 3 distinct peaks. T-Land can be more crowded than other areas but as surfers walk and paddle to different areas the crowd gets dispersed leaving plenty of waves for all to have a great time out there.

  • Level: Intermediate – Advanced
  • Size range: 2-20+ ft.


Located on the right side of the channel that leads to T-Land. Even though Bombies is better with bigger swells, it offers a high-quality wave, uncrowded surf and both lefts and rights.

  • Level: Intermediate – Advanced
  • Size range: 4-15 ft.


Located in North Nemberala, this wave can be reached in a 10-minutes boat ride or by land. Similar swell conditions as T-Land but steeper when the tide is high and usually no one around.

  • Level: Intermediate – Advanced
  • Size range: 4-10ft.


Located at the Eastern end of Nemberala, Squealers was named after the girls and kids screaming of joy after catching their first wave. Squealers offers the perfect condition for beginners and even intermediate surfers when the tides are high.

  • Level: Beginners – Intermediate
  • Size range: 2 – 6 ft


A 10-minutes’ drive from Manduna. Boa offers world-class right-hand waves when the winds are light or when it is blowing west. Better at mid and high tides, this wave tends to open a very long
and fast wall with good barrelling sessions being a high performance wave

  • Level: Intermediate – Advanced
  • Size range: 4-10 ft.


A 3-minutes’ drive from Manduna is Petrol Bombs offering a more heavy and barrelling world-class rights and lefts waves being better at mid and high tides, this wave has a steep drop with a fast wall with good barrelling sessions being a high performance wave

  • Level: Advanced
  • Size range: 4-10 ft.

Rote has also 3 outer islands that offer world class waves and usually no one is around and plenty rights and lefts on offer.


Do’o is an isolated island 40-minutes by boat from the Resort and totally uninhabited but with a perfect right rolling with incredible perfection on the reef. Perfect when the wind is onshore in the other waves Do’o is an amazing wave best surfed in the very early morning.

  • Level: Intermediate – Advanced
  • Size range: 3-12 ft.


20-minute boat ride from the resort. Dana is a military base where the surf is also uncrowded all year round. You can expect both left and right as both break at the entrance channel. Better at rising tide offering a perfect wave with good barrels being another high performance wave on offer with a surreal landscape and amazing views.

  • Level: Intermediate – Advanced
  • Size range: 3-10 ft.


1-hour boat ride from the resort takes you to N’Dao which is heaven for big wave lovers and tow-in surfing. As swells roll from north Australia they cross 500kms of ocean to arrive at N’Dao and produce a perfect right that wraps around the reef offering perfect conditions. Better at rising tide and another high performance long wave on offer loaded with energy and perfect offshore winds.

  • Level: Intermediate – Advanced
  • Size range: 5-20+ ft.

There are many other breaks around so we will keep some best kept secrets to be revealed during your stay at Manduna. Our boat man will always know the best spot to take you depending on your surfing ability and comfort.